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We will assist you in selecting an effective domain name, and register it for just $8.50.

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Your site is hosted on our high capacity, fiber optic servers.  Hosting packages start at just $20/month.

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We develop an attractive and functional web site for your business, based on a solid understanding of your goals.

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10. What is bandwidth?

Just as most cell-phone packages have an allotted number of hours or minutes, your web host will probably have some bandwidth limits attached to it. So, in this context, bandwidth is a measurement of how much information has been downloaded from the server hosting your site to the visitorís computer.

Every picture, background image, navigation button, and HTML page on your website is a certain number of kilobytes in size. And every time someone visits your site, all of your images and files need to be transferred over the Internet and displayed on the visitorís computer screen. Thatís bandwidth.

Most people donít need to worry about extra bandwidth costs because they do use a lot of it. Typically, adult sites, file-sharing sites, Oprah, or are the kinds of sites that need to be concerned with bandwidth and traffic volumes.


Clients hosted by American E-Commerce Solutions never have to worry about incurring additional bandwidth fees due to heavy traffic.  Our clients receive unlimited bandwidth.  It's yet another advantage of doing business with us.   


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