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We will assist you in selecting an effective domain name, and register it for just $8.50.

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Your site is hosted on our high capacity, fiber optic servers.  Hosting packages start at just $20/month.

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Web Design

We develop an attractive and functional web site for your business, based on a solid understanding of your goals.

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12. How much will my website cost?

Ah, the question: How much does a website cost? Itís impossible to give one-size-fits-all answer. And Iíd be suspicious of anyone who did.

A clothes designer could never tell you how much a dress is going to cost without knowing what style of dress you want, how much fabric it will take, what kind of fabric you want, how much detail your dress will contain, and how many buttons and zippers your dress will have.

Before we can provide you with a quote, there are a lot of important questions we need answered. For instance: How big is the website? Will it use Flash? Are we writing the copy? Are we creating the graphics? Do we need to scan your photos or are they already provided in digital format? And dozens of other questions.

We approach each project individually. We donít use templates or cookie-cutter graphics, and so, our web design fee varies according to what you want.


If you are interested in getting started and would like to obtain a customized quote on your new website just fill out our design questionnaire.


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