Domain Names

We will assist you in selecting an effective domain name, and register it for just $8.50.

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Web Hosting

Your site is hosted on our high capacity, fiber optic servers.  Hosting packages start at just $20/month.

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Web Design

We develop an attractive and functional web site for your business, based on a solid understanding of your goals.

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Search Engines

We provide expert coding and optimization to get you ranked at the Top of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

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4. Can’t I just design my own website?

Sure, you could design your own website. But do you have the necessary skills to obtain a professional result?  Do you have a background in graphic design? Do you know how to write HTML code, or do you know how to use web design software?  Are you versed in uploading, downloading, email and internet routing issues?  There's a lot to know, if you desire professional results. 

In spite of all of the marketing hype by software vendors, do-it-yourself web design is not “simple and easy.” It’s difficult and frustrating. It takes years of learning and practice, and the technology is changing all the time. And those discount vendors who say you can build your own site in 20 minutes are merely offering pre-made templates.  And the results are obvious.

Would you hand over your business taxes to a high-school accounting student?  Then why would you be so nonchalant with your website? It is, after all, something that can make a great first impression with potential new customers, or it can send them scrambling for the “Back” button.


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